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Vintage Toy Favorites From The 90's & 2000's

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    We are a private vintage store with collections available for purchase. We do not afflitate ourselves with the brands we sell, respectfully.
    HY FIGURE SOCIETY LLC thrives on providing authentic, quality items to fellow vintage collectors.

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Take a hero home today!

Browse this collection to find favorites like: Harry Potter, Spawn, Spider-Man, G.I. Joe & so much more!

Action FIgures

Attention sports fans!

Check out what series we have available in your favorite sports catagory today!


Find vintage plushies here!

A collection of vintage plushies full of value! All these cuddly pals want is a home where they'll be cherished forever!


Can't decide which side to choose?

Take home characters on both sides! Whether you're an existing Star Wars fan or just starting out, we have the collection for you!

Star Wars